Integration by Substitution - Page 21

  • What is the integration of I = int(1-2x³).x².dx by using the correct substitution for t = _ ?
  • INTEGRATION. Why both results are the same?
  • How do you integrate? I try again and again.
  • How to intergrate this? The answer should be -2 ln(x^2 +1). I thought it was -4x*ln(x^2 +1), can someone explain to me how to get to the answer? It’s not about filling in the 1 and 0, but I didn’t know how to get rid of that :).
  • Find Integration of #(x^3)/(x^3) - 2x - 3# ???
  • Integration of ; ((1/X(4 + Inx))dx?
  • How to integrate #int(x^3 dx)/sqrt( x^2 + 4)# by using substitution?
  • What is the integration of (2x+1)/(2x+3) ?
  • How to do step by step solutions for any integral substitution rule question ?
  • How do I integrate by substitution?
  • Find #intx(3x^2-1)^5# dx using implicit substitution. How?
  • Integration. I don't know how to solve it. How can i do? It's easy one.... please help me
  • How to use substitution to solve this integral? #∫_0^1dx/(sqrtx+5root(3)x)#