Identifying Turning Points (Local Extrema) for a Function - Page 20

  • What are the absolute extrema of f(x)=|x-1|-3 on (0,4]?
  • Find a function whose graph has a relative minimum when x = 1 and a relative maximum when x = 4?
  • Determine the local max and/or min and intervals of increase and decrease for the function f(x)=√(x^2 - 2x +2) ?
  • Find a,b, c and d in this function when given the inflection point and a local minimum point?
  • If x is real, find the maximum and minimum values of (x^2-x+1)/(x^2+x+1); also find the corresponding values of x?
  • Find the intervals of increase and /or decrease of f(x) = X^2e^2 and determine all local max and min points if any?
  • Find the turning points of the function y=2x^3-5x^2+4x-1?
  • Find any extrema of the function #f(x,y)=e^{-xy/4}# subject to the constraint #x^2 + y^2 <=1# ? I desperately need help with these problems as I do not understand them. Thanks!
  • At what point does the graph of the function below have a minimum value?
  • 8. The slope of the curve y=x³-3x+1; - infinity < x <infinity is minimum at: A. X= - 1 B. X= 1 C. X=0 D. X= +1,-1 Ans. C Please give explanation???
  • Find the extreme point of the following function. Specify if the extremum is a maximum or minimum. Find the extreme values? 1.y=x²+2x+3
  • Find two numbers whose sum is 12 such that the sum of the square of one plus 4 times the other is a maximum?
  • What are the coordinates of the turning points of #y^3+3xy^2-x^3=3#?
  • Let #f(x)=|x^2-1|/(x-1)#. Then, #f# has a local maximum at #x#=?
  • F(x,y)=3(x^2)y+2y^3-3xy Find the relative extrema and saddle points?
  • How to find the region bounded by the curve y = 1 - x^2 and the x axis ?
  • Sketch and determine the turning points of the curve y=1/3x^3-2x^2+3x+2?