Differentiating Exponential Functions with Calculators - Page 3

  • How do you differentiate #1 / ln(x)#?
  • How to do question 10?
  • Hi everyone, I am having difficulty in getting the correct answer for some reason. Can someone assist me and explain how to do this properly?
  • If #int 1/(x^22(x^7-6)) dx = A { ln(k)^6 + 9k^2 -2k^3 - 18k} +c# What is the value of 'A' and 'k'?
  • A certain TV station has 1000 customers paying $20 each month. If each $1 reduction in price attracts 100 new customers, find the price that yields maximum revenue. Find the maximum revenue ?
  • Please help me with this calc question?