Determining the Length of a Polar Curve - Page 4

  • Find the length of the chord made by the line x+y=4 on the circle x^2+y^2=25?
  • A gutter is to be made using a 5m long rectangular piece of metal that has to be bent to form the open topper gutter. the cross section of the gutter is an isosceles trapezoid with sides making angles 120 degrees with the base?
  • A sector of arc length x cm is removed from a circular piece of paper of radius 4 cm. The remaining piece is used to make a cone. Find x so that the volume of the cone is a maximum?
  • How to calculate the area of both squares?
  • How do I find the length of the specified arc of the given curve? y^2=x^3 between (0,0) and (4,8)