Determining the Length of a Parametric Curve (Parametric Form) - Page 6

  • What is the shortest distance from the line #8x-4y+7=0# to the point (1, 2)?
  • What is the minimum breadth of the road required?
  • Find the shortest distance between the line and the curve?
  • What is the area enclosed? Please explain how. Thanks in advance
  • The minimum distance from the origin to the intersection of #x^2+y^2= z# with the plane #x+y+z=12# ?
  • A particle travels at #2 units per# second along the curve #y=x^3-3x^2+2#. How long does it take to travel from the local maximum to the local minimum?
  • What are the constants "a" and "b"?
  • How to find the values of a,b and c?
  • How do you find the exact arc length of a parametric equation ? #x(t)=2 + 9t^2# #y(t)=9 + 6t^3#
  • How to answer this question?
  • Really need help on this question ASAP! Thanks?!