Critical Points of Inflection - Page 4

  • Let f’’(x) = x(x+2). True or false: isThe point x = -2 an inflection point of f(x)?
  • How to check the dfifferentiability of f(x) where f(x)=|2x-3| at x=1?
  • What is the area between the graphs?
  • Can someone please help me with this question i would really appreciate it as you can see i have no clue last attempt ...?
  • Find the coordinates of the inflection points for f(x)=xe^x?
  • Determine the point of inflection and discuss the concavity of the graph of ,f(x)=x^4-4x^3?
  • Find f'' , intervals , and inflection ; please help the following question ?
  • How do you find the critical points f=x√(1+y)+y√(1+x)?
  • Let f(x) = xln(x). The minimum value attained by f is?
  • What are the intervals which f increases and decreases, where f is concave up and down, and coordinates of inflection points? #x^4-5x^3+9x^2#
  • If the first derivative has a cusp at x=3, is there a point of inflection at x=3 even though the second derivative doesn't exist there?
  • What are the inflection points of f(x)?
  • Do all functions have points of inflection?