Constructing a Maclaurin Series - Page 10

  • Determine the Maclaurin series representation for f(x)=e^x/x ?
  • Use Maclaurin's series to find fx= sec x up to #x^3# ?
  • How do you find the first three terms of a Maclaurin series for f(t) = (e^t - 1)/t using the Maclaurin series of e^x?
  • Use a known MacLaurin series to find the MacLaurin series of f(x)=sin(x^4) ?
  • How do you find the maclaurin series f(x)=e^5x?
  • Hello math sir, Can anyone please help me solve this question?I m banging my head on table but cuuldnt solve it.Detailled answer would be much appreciated please.Sorry for pics as on website you cannot upload big size pic so i had to crop it. Thank you.
  • How to find a maclaurin series for #(cosx)^2#?
  • How do you find the Maclaurin series of e^(-3x^4)?
  • Calc 2 question?:Find a function whose Maclaurin expansion is 1 + x3 + x6/2! + x9/3! + x12/4! + ...
  • Find 5th-orden Maclaurin polynomial P_5(x) for f ?
  • By writing xx as 4+(x−4) and using the Maclaurin expansion for ln(1+t), or otherwise, find the first four non zero terms in the Taylor series expansion for ln⁡(2x) about x=4?
  • How do you find the maclaurin series expansion of #x^2sin(x)#?
  • What are the most important power series to memorise?
  • How to solve for x ?
  • How do you find the Maclaurin series for #e^(x^2)# ?
  • How to write the first four terms of the Maclaurin series for the function f(x)=(x+1)e^(2x) given that ?