The Sun - Page 17

  • The sun formed out of a?
  • How have scientists been able to estimate the age of our solar system?
  • How is the Sun burning in Space without oxygen?
  • What is a solar day?
  • In what direction do sunspots move? Thank you!
  • What is the most important part on the solar system and why?
  • What is the age of the earth and the sun?
  • Why are sunspots cooler than surrounding areas on the sun's surface?
  • Is the sun a gas giant - given that it's not pointlike like the stars - and could we land on it?
  • During which season will the sun travel the shortest path across the sky?
  • When latitude increase what does the intensity of the solar system do?
  • Write a source of sun/ star's energy?
  • Write a source of sun/ star's energy?