Rational Equations Using Proportions - Page 24

  • How do you solve #p=(r+2s)/t# for #r#?
  • A TV screen is 15 in. high and 20 in. wide. What is the height to width ratio? What is the width to height ratio?
  • A company rents out 17 food booths and 27 game booths. The fee for a food booth is $125 plus $4 per day while a game booth is $95 plus $9 per day. The fair lasts for #d# days, and all the booths are rented the entire time. How much did the company make?
  • About #4/5# of the weight of a pineapple is water. How much water would you expect to find in #2 1/2# pounds of pineapple?
  • Bob H. has offers for two jobs. The pay for the first job is $9 per hour. The pay for the second job is $12 per hour but Bob will have to buy a uniform for $39. How many hows would Bob have to work to have the two jobs pay the same?
  • Shirley is going to have the exterior of her home painted. Tim's Painting charges $250 plus $14 per hour. Colorful Paints charges $22 per hour. How many hours would the job need to take for Tim's Painting to be the better deal?
  • In a new development, 50 one and two-bedroom condominiums were sold. Each one-bedroom condominium sold for $120 thousand and each two-bedroom condominium sold for $150 thousand. If sales totaled $7050 thousand, how many of each type of unit was sold?