Formulas for Problem Solving - Page 29

  • The roots of the quadratic equation px^2 -7x + 2p -2=0 has the ratio of 3:4. Find the values of p?
  • P(x^2)+x*q(x^3)+x^2*r(x^3)=(1+x+x^2)*s(x), p(1)=ks(1) and r(1)=kp(1). Then k=?????
  • How do you solve #3q+5+2q-5=65#?
  • Please can you solve the problem on an equation in the real number system given in the image below and also tell the sequence to tackle such problems.?
  • How do you solve #104= y - 67#?
  • How do you solve this set of linear equations: #d+ q = 14; 0.10d + 0.25q = 4.55#?